Thursday, October 4, 2018

In Anticipation of Autumn In My Garden and A Vintage Fair

With the passing of summer I do little to prepare my gardens for fall. Mostly, I just pick up my summer decorations like the plastic flamingos and bird houses and I let the gardens do what they do in the fall.

I am enjoying the zinnia I planted in late spring.

And the black-eyed susan are going by...

I met a new "friend" living in the middle of the wagon wheel. Can you see it? 

Actually, I hate spiders. When I see one in the house it has to die and nope, I don't kill them...I call mister to slay the dragon. That is one of his jobs as the man of the house and I am perfectly fine to have him display his masculinity and dominion over these creepy-crawlies.

I wasn't leaning in too close to get these photos so I was relying on my zoom lense. At one point I was zoomed in tight and then the spider ran out of the hole! Since I was zoomed in it looked like he was right in my face! I screamed and practically jumped out of my skin! Good thing I was wearing my camera strap around my neck because that would have been the end of my little Canon. And that's when I remembered I was really standing four feet back from the spider! It's okay, I was laughing at myself at that point, too.

Autumn means fall festivals, vintage fairs, crafts and pumpkins... This season started off great with a trip to the Pro.found Vintage Market. Creative juices are primed as one walks through. I walked away with tons of ideas and few treasures.

 (Only Prettier Design)


(Found Things)

I am at peace with Autumn this year and while I am not singing about it just yet I am not fighting it. I am looking forward to cuddly sweaters and tall boots. I am waiting patiently for the changing leaves. In anticipation of them I decided to take a few photos around my area.

I think I'll take a drive with mister this weekend and I'll be sure to bring my camera! Thanks for spending time with me. Happy Fall!

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  1. I love your garden, and am just smitten by zinnias. What is it about their color and texture that reminds me of the 1970's?

  2. Beautiful post! Thanks so much for sharing at TFT!