Friday, September 21, 2018

Autumn Table in the Dining Room

Here comes Autumn! I'm not quite ready to pull out my sweaters and tall boots but I did purchase a few things for my dining room with the hopes that it would give me a push toward welcoming the season changing.

Plaid is everywhere on the internet. We see it in clothing and home decor so I jumped on the wagon when I saw a table runner and napkins on Zulily that seemed to have a thread of a similar teal blue color that I used on my dining room walls. 
Color and I have a complicated relationship. I love color. I don't have a favorite. I have had and infinite number of favorite-of-the-moment infatuations, too many to count really, but I confess that I am fickle. I embrace a color, make it part of my life and then when everything in my home is just right along comes some other fabulous color with swag that turns my head quicker than.... well, I don't know-just quick!  Like many others (at least I hope there are others) I see a color on a blogs or in current magazines and I copy the look in my home; imitation is the truest form of flattery, afterall. Little happy dances of joy happen when I go off script, pick a color for no other reason than that I saw it in the paint store and I liked it and then I see my color choices trending in the home decor realm. Validation! 

This is the case with the color I chose for the dining room last year. I chose what I'm calling a peacock-y blue-teal and I love it. It never seems to photograph the way my naked eye sees it but that's okay. Right? The color is called Dragonfly by Benjamin Moore. Anyway, that is the color I found in my Zulily purchase.  
                                     Image result for paint color dragonfly
It is very similar to Behr's 2019 Color of the Year, Blueprint! Okay, not quite the same based on these two color blobs from the internet but in real-life...pretty stinkin' close! 

                                                               Image result for behr blueprint

I combined it with the plates mister picked out from Crate & Barrel. This is a photo from last winter. 


With harvest season in mind I used my braided raffia placemats to bring a natural element to the party and they play well with the gold in the runner and napkins. I've used them in previous posts and let me tell ya, they were a yard sale site purchase on Facebook! 

Green milk-glass plates (purchased on sale at Target) sit atop the napkins. 

Last year my pumpkin purchases from the dollar store got a pant job. This year they adorn each place setting. 

Floral nosegays used in the living room last year found a home in the dining room this year. 

Notice in these two photos how the wall color looks different as the clouds parted and more light streamed into the room? 

It doesn't take a lot of money to get the looks you're after. Shop your home. Use old decorations in a different room this year or give your tired items a coat of paint in a new color. Adding just one new element can give you a fresh new look. Silverware might help, too! :)

Happy Autumn and happy decorating! 

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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

"Fall"-ing Behind... Again

Friends, it has been a rough year for me and this little blog. I do feel like I am exiting the fog and as I look around I am keenly aware that Summer is over. Summer was a very good healing time for me this year but Fall is pressing in. "Fall" has never been my favorite word. I prefer "Autumn" because the word fall has a negative connotation in my mind. The dictionary defines it thus: move downward, typically rapidly and freely without control, from a higher to a lower level. Well, that doesn't sound like fun! And, to some extent that is what is happening in my brain as I leave my first love, Summer, behind.  The cooler temperatures and shorter days along with the endless barrage of pumpkin pictures in my social media feeds serve to remind me that I had better get with the program!

Normally, the advent of the new school year moves me to accept the inevitable season change but my baby graduated in May so this homeschooling mama finds herself wondering what to do next. Presently, I am weeding through tons of books and saved school work. Reading journal entries from my then 5 and 7 year olds and looking at artwork that makes chameleons look like birds has resulted in many tear-inducing laugh sessions with my younger girls. It is bittersweet to part with most of it but again, the seasons are changing.

I never made a summer-decor post this year but I did decorate for it. It is my favorite way to decorate my home. So here are a few pictures of what it looked like.

I reuse a lot of the things I love. I reused the spring-time wreath I made this year. Moving it to a new location makes a difference. Before running out and buying new things just move what you love to a different spot. It really does make a difference and can make you the love that piece all over again.

Fresh flowers from my gardens make me happy. 

I am an eternal beach glass (treasure) hunter. One day I may part with some to actually use them in a craft....nah.

Now all these lovely beach things have been put away 'til next year. This is another fantastic tip. Just put things away for a while. The following year it is like a free shopping trip as you sort through the things you want to use and what can be passed onto others or sold to make more money for new things!

Plaid is all over the place, again, this year. Not sure what that is going to look like in my home but I did manage to find a runner and cloth napkins for my dining room that has the same color of my walls running through them. (The color doesn't translate well in this crummy photo.) They play nicely with the paisley print of my window valances. Now I just need to figure out how to put if all together.

Last year I painted all my pumpkins in trendy blues and whites. I may reuse them as is or I may repaint. I've not decided that yet either.

Yes, I have once again "fall"-en behind the decorating 8-ball but I will get there. Looking forward to this new season of hope

because time waits for no man or procrastinating blogging decorator.

Thanks for stopping by. Happy decorating and happy Autumn! You can follow along on Facebook or Instagram!

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Sunday, July 1, 2018

Spring Into Summer- A Garden Tour

Summer is my favorite time of the year and I cannot wait for it to get here. Living in New England can be challenging for me as Spring seems to drag her feet getting here which only seems to delay Summer's arrival all the more.

But not this year! Wowza!~

Spring showed up in a big, bold way. Couple that with all the festivities and planning for my youngest girl graduating and time flew by. The days were warm with just the right amount of rain to burst things into bloom (including my allergies). I couldn't keep my camera charged enough as flowers came in and out. Come take a tour with me.

The daffodils, tulips were first on the scene while the forsythia on our back wall displayed showers of little yellow flowers.

Meanwhile, in the front yard, my little weeping cherry (Mister bought me for a Mother's Day gift two years ago) bloomed! This was actually my second weeping cherry because the first one died. The nursery replaced it for me so I was crossing my fingers that this one would survive the winter and it did!

Those all flowered and went by but right about then the peonies started to show their buds. I am always so anxious for the blooms because invariably after finally opening we get a hard rain that drags them to the ground or knocks all the petals off. I am determined to cut them before that happens.

While I waited for them to open the iris and azaleas were in, and a little patch of lily of the valley.

The tall phlox came in the front. I did not plant them, they just show up every year where ever they want to and I am okay with that.

I lined the flower beds in my front yard with stone pavers this year. It is my attempt to try to help Mister from mowing into my beds and to keep my creeping mulch from finding its way into his grass.

I took out the two scotch-broom I planted last year. They had gotten too big and were half dead. I replaced them with with some salvia and annuals for color.

Some geraniums and greens from my local Home Depot made the front porch welcoming. It all looks neat and ready for guests and not too soon either because Graduation Day will mean friends visiting!

That went by quick and with it came a plethora of roses on the front arbor and at the entrance to the front porch. The weather had been so beautiful!

The shasta daisies were blooming in the backyard among the lavender and the peonies opened to reveal the most stunning blooms. I did cut some and brought them into the house to enjoy. They stayed past Father's Day. I was able to take a few cuttings at different times to enjoy indoors. (Tip: cut them and leave them outdoors in a vase of water overnight. The ants will leave the cut flowers so you can bring them indoors worry free.)

Mister and I took a short trip to Portland, Maine and when we got home a whole other batch of flowers were showing off! Wild roses I didn't plant come up every year so I just let them do their thing. Mister's prickly pear cactus has gone nuts! And, my poor little chives that share the same bed have their purple spheres competing for attention. In the distance I can see the Stella D'Oro lilies starting to show. And the yucca loves its home close to a water source.

Hydrangea is blooming in the front yard and the bushes on the side yard are starting to show. The hosta has sent up its tall shoots that will beckon the hummingbirds soon. Trumpet vine and black-eyed Susan are making ready for their turn along with the daylilies.

June was a beautiful, quick month but more than flowers are blooming at my home. As I said earlier, my youngest graduated high school.

It has been 14 years of homeschooling for this momma. Much like my gardens the fruit of the labors have been beautiful but then the times go by quickly and the next thing starts to bloom. Being a mom to children for 32 years has produced much fruit among weeds and some thorns... sadly, I am still a work-in-progress. We are looking forward to the next thing and I am comforted by Ecclesiastes that reminds me there is a time and season for everything... I am determined to enjoy this season while it lasts.

And then, only as God can do, I was reminded by this little gift left in a fern on the front porch. The momma bird has three beautiful babies just like me! I am blessed to have this nest and my three little babies that have grown into some pretty awesome chickies.

Thanks for spending time with me and walking through my gardens.

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