Monday, April 30, 2018

Washington D.C.

If your new here or if you only visit here for the crafts or decor stuff maybe you don't know we are a homeschool family. I don't usually talk much about it here. I have realized (through many too opinionated conversations-on my part) that the homeschool experience can be a deeply personal and wildly different experience for every family.

As a homeschool mama we have enjoyed the days curled up on the couch as I read aloud. Those were my favorite times. My second favorite times were the field trips. We live in an awesome area of the country for history and art field trips and those times were great, especially when the kiddos were younger but time goes by and they grow up. Their growing has meant that they have surpassed some of my abilities or even desires to try to teach in certain areas. Thankfully, we have several homeschool co-ops around that offer different tutorials. My girls have benefitted from outside classes in writing, choir, biology and chemistry, algebra, foreign languages, drama, AP Literature and AP Government, ect. all taken by different instructors. This takes some of the pressure off an overwhelmed mama and gives a different source of accountability to my young adults-in-training.

Recently, the AP Government class got to take a trip to Washington, D.C. Of course, their interest was the government mechanics but for me it's all about the beautiful architecture! This was my 2nd trip to the capital so I didn't worry too much about taking photos of different landmarks but really looked more at not-so-famous buildings. Here are some photos to maybe inspire you. All were taken with my phone.

Loved the iron work on the stairs! 

 Don't you just love the color on this building...

A little Victorian flair to these two...

Lovely trim work and corbels always catch my eye...

I don't know what kind of a tree this was but the blossoms were beautiful against the cloudy sky and gray row house. 

We crammed much into the two days we were in D.C. The kids had a great time, we all learned more about our government and I came home with some beautiful photos for inspiration. Thank you for visiting with me, I do hope you enjoyed the trip around D.C. through my eyes.