Tuesday, November 29, 2016

There Is Always Two Sides To Everything

No, this is not a political statement nor am trying to solve an argument between my girls. This is something far less important unless, of course, you're a serial decorator wannabe.

So, we (really, meaning I) have a tendency to see the things my home is not. I notice all the things my home doesn't have. Why didn't these things stand out when we were buying the house? I don't know but here we are 13 years later... My living room has 5 windows, a door, interrupted wainscoting (aka beadboard) and an opening to another room big enough to park a couch in. No solid walls or a fireplace; all this means that a focal point for the room is hard to identify, furniture arrangement is a nightmare for one like me who wants to move everything around all the time. What's a girl to do?!

I have oogled over all the pretty pictures online; the winter whites and silvery visions is where I was headed. I rummaged through photos of Christmas' past in my living room.

Christmas 2015
Then, I took a left turn at Albuquerque. (Does anyone remember that cartoon?) I was lamenting that I had no fireplace to hang my stockings by, no huge mantel to display my mother's painting over, no wall space worthy of a special piece... I stared at the hutch top across from me and tried to figure out how to hang the picture there. You know, like the pictures hung on bookcases in front of a beautiful stack of books. Yeah, wasn't working. Think, think...think....

Easter time 2016
That hutch was a Craigslist score. I drove that thing home on the top of my Highlander with one hand on the steering wheel and one hand up through the sun roof holding onto it as I drove 20 miles an hour all the way home! But, I digress...Then, decorating genius hit. Or maybe I am crazy. Or both. I needed to enlist help.  I grabbed Mister, who confirmed I was in fact crazy. "Let's just try", I said, hoping I wouldn't hate it and have to hear him say "I told you so".

I cleared everything off that hutch top and we turned that puppy around to expose the back of the cabinet. It is solid wood (laminate would have been such a bummer).

Took these with my cell phone. No time to grab the camera when I ask for Mister's help.
I considered white washing it but Mister didn't seem to like that idea. I put a nail in it-not sure if it went through the other side or not- and hung the picture. I stepped back. It was not white, not sparkly, not silver, not pristine like I had imagined.  I dug through my stash and put some things together. I threw a bottle brush tree in the back of a truck I had ordered online and tossed in a few more I had picked up in my adventures and not bad.

No, it's not conventional. It won't win decorating awards. I might look at this next year and gasp as I cry "What was I thinking?" The silver and winter whites will wait for another year or another room. This year this room is feeling very cozy and I think I like it. I was being selfish and ungrateful as I considered all that my home was not but once I stopped to look at what I did have I was happily surprised. Moral of the story: try to look at things around your home differently... there is always two sides to everything.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

A Little Christmas Inspiration

It seems that everyone in Bloggerville has said good-bye to Autumn and jumped right into Christmas. Retail and decorating are always ahead of everybody else...then there is me. My home is a hodge-podge of shopping bags right now as I am working on a project for someone else. My brain has been in Christmas mode for weeks because of it but I am still living in fall decor.

Of course, the shops and markets are ahead of me and full of inspiration. I thought I would share some photos for inspiration this week. After you have stuffed yourself turkey, cleaned all the china and put it away maybe you want to just look at some pretty stuff and get some ideas for your Christmas home. Go grab some pie or a cup of tea and relax a bit.

I am totally crushing on this nesting box. I took about 2 dozens photos of it! 

There you have it. Are you inspired? I am-all over again. What decorating idea are you going ot implement in your home...or, maybe you just enjoyed the trip. And, maybe it's time for another piece of that pie...

Thanks to Vintage Thymes Monthly Market and Vintage Prairie Home for allowing me to come in 
with my camera. 


*This post was not a compensated for. The pictures and opinions are my own. 

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Monday, November 21, 2016

Semi-DIY Burlap Banner

Like a lot of bloggers, I use different social media venues to promote the blog. I have been posting to Home Talk for a while now and am always amazed at the many comments and questions. The feed back is positive and encouraging.

Recently, I posted a shortened version of the The DIY Sharpie Art post to Home Talk. I was overwhelmed by the responses and shocked when one woman asked about my burlap banner. I tend to take for granted the simplest things. I look at the banner and think, "Ha! I cheated on that one!" The burlap was pre-made, I just did some zshooshing. (Is that a word?)

Not everyone thinks the way that I do, though. Here is how I did it. I found this pre-made burlap banner in the dollar section at Target over a year ago. I think I paid $5 for it, maybe...  If you can't find one or want to customize the size you can use scrapbook burlap and make your own template. They can be found on Amazon, Oriental Trading Co, and in craft stores.

Using my pre-made banner as my guide I traced around it onto a piece of card stock. I cut my card stock about 1/2 smaller than my trace lines all the way around.

I used this smaller triangle to trace around for my book page triangles. Next, I typed out the word on a document on my computer, playing with fonts until I found one I liked. I have no pictures of this step but I penciled my letters freehand onto the page triangles and when satisfied with the results went back over them with a Sharpie pen. You could blow up the font size and trace it like I did with the DIY Sharpie Art...

Now, this could have been even easier., but I don't usually have bright ideas until I have done it the hard way first. If you want to, just purchase felt letters or scrapbook letters and apply or print letters onto your pages using your printer before cutting out your triangles.

I then attached the paper triangles to the banner with Loctite  Mounting Putty. Nothing too permanent for this girl.  I wanted to be able to change it up.

And, there you have it. Easy, relatively inexpensive, and easy to change based on the season! I know, everyone is on to Christmas... And it is just about time to change it up .....Happy decorating!

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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Fall Markets; Shopping and "Stuffs" 2016

It has been a while since I shared with you some of my shopping excursions. In my area monthly markets are a thing. Do you have them in your area? The shops are closed all month long while the owners and vendors are picking and primping and it all comes together for one lovely three day weekend sale. They are usually themed. I have shared several of them with you in past posts but have been a bit behind my game. So, get your pinning finger ready!

First stop is a new pop-up that happens once a month in Clinton, MA. The Vintage Prairie Home holds their monthly market in a old mill building that houses other shops that also open to the public for the long weekend. 

                              Betsy, from Vignette Home Designwas their guest vendor and oh, does 
                                                            she do beautiful work! 


The Old Sterling Candle Company is upstairs. I love my cinnamon sugar candle! 

Next up is Vintage Thymes. The name may be familiar if you have spent time with me before but these photos were from their Marketplace at Adam's Farm.  They had an event their last year and it was a huge success. This year was even better! Danielle from Finding Silver Pennies did a paint demonstration for those who attended on Sunday.

An old piece of luggage pointed the way.... to the bathroom! 

I did some buying, some gift shopping, and some idea gathering. My camera was constantly on! Mostly, I was inspired and amazed at all the talent and all the out-of-the-box thinking others can do. Now, I need to go make something, paint something, or well....just do something creative. Hope you were inspired, too!

**This post was in no way, shape, form or fashion compensated or solicited. I just enjoy going to the markets, getting ideas, a few treasures and tons of inspiration and, of course, I enjoy sharing the fun with you!

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