Sunday, September 14, 2014

Embracing the Change

I am not one who likes change. In order to be "okay" with change it has to be my idea.

I love summer. Winter seems to last so very long in New England. Sometimes I am certain that it takes nine months to get through it! By late February I am like a kid with my nose pressed against the window watching the maple trees in my yard for any sign of buds. After the March sun taunts me and April brings the rains the trees relent and burst with the green that makes my heart jump.

The promise that summer will soon be here keeps me going through what seems to be an insufferable May. School ends and ahhhh, Summer!

This year has been a different beast. We have been so busy in the house that summer snuck (is that a word?) by. The weather never really got hot. No heat waves; no need for round the clock air conditioners. No late night runs for Relief Ice Cream- you know, when it is so hot you go somewhere/anywhere air conditioned for ice cream. Our trips to the beach were few this year and that is unusual for us. (I would live at the beach if we could figure out how to do that, keep working, and keep our church family.) So, as summer gave way to cooler weather and the calendar forced me to turn to September internally I shook my fist.

Our first week of school found me mourning the passing of an all too quick summer and wincing at the thought of the season that follows Autumn. I prayed that God would help me be content. Then God, in his infinite grace and mercy gave me a couple really warm days with temperatures in the 90's. It was the warmest days we have had all summer! But it was the first week of our new school year! And then I remembered that this is one of the perks of doing what we do and we used our liberty and freedom afforded us in home schooling to play hooky. Mr. took Friday off and we ran for the beach like our lives depended on it (insert slow motion running and sappy music here). I packed our lunch, we left early and spent the entire day enjoying the sun, surf and sand. There was hardly anybody there; just some young moms with little ones and older couples whose kids were all grown. We had a big area all to ourselves right up on the water. It felt like we were stealing an extra day from summer. Now, I know God probably did not do this just for me but it sure did feel like it.


A large jelly fish that washed up. It was dead but it was still beautiful.
 And with that, I was able to make peace with the idea this summer was at an end. Then like the turning of the page (or leaf) the cooler air was ushered in. I am ready for Autumn now. God did not need me to agree with him about the timing of it all but he was most gracious to bring me along in the way that he did. He is very patient with me and I am content.

A love note from my Mr.


I do love Autumn in New England. I like the word Autumn instead of Fall.  The leaves are starting to turn. The mums are beginning to bloom. It is time for the season of harvest when we store up the fruits of our spring and summer to carry us through the winter months. This year I have stored up a lovely day shared with my family on a beach that I can bring to mind when I am knee high, thigh high or waist high in snow banks. I have stored up a gift from the Lord that showed me his love for me and grace toward me even though I did not deserve it. For now, it is time for pumpkins, corn stalks, and decorating! It is time for apple picking, cider and donuts, for country fairs and festivals, sweaters and boots! And now...
now I am ready for Autumn!

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