Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Vintage Thymes Monthly Market Is Back!

Vintage Thymes Monthly Market had been a favorite shopping event for me. (You can find old posts about them under the Out & About button at the top.) I loved going and finding one of a kind items and at the very least I would leave with boat-load of photos for you and inspiration for my own home. Imagine my disappointment when they announced that they were loosing there "home" that had afford them the luxury of being opened for only one special weekend a month. They did open a fall market at a farm last October (see it here) and the day and setting were perfect but left them still with no permanent home.

About a month ago the happy news came that they had found a home and they were ready to start up their monthly markets again! (Insert happy dance here.) Robin and Nancy contacted me and asked me to let you all we can all dance together! As I have been following their Facebook page I have become increasingly excited about the different vendors that will be contributing to April's market. There are some old friends like lovely Mary Ellen from 23rd and Bird 

23rd and Bird's old space in Norwood.

Fleurish Home and Garden
Fleurish Home & Garden

and  Carole from Fleurish Home and Garden and many new (or new to me) vendors  readying themselves and their treasures for the market. I can't wait to meet them.

From their official press release:

 "Vintage Thymes is a monthly antique market run by Westwood residents Robin Hanlon and Nancy Murphy.  The only market of it’s kind in the Metro South area, Vintage Thymes offers themed shows one weekend a month.  The markets feature a hip collection of vintage, shabby-chic furniture, garden and home d├ęcor, as well as treasures from Hanlon and Murphy who are known for their creative ability to breathe new life into tarnished and dusty vintage items."

Ooh!  So, with just a little over a week away I wanted to let all you know about it. Who couldn't use a little decorating inspiration, a trip out of the house and chance to shake off those winter cobwebs? Me, me, me and hopefully you, too! My camera and I will be there. Hope to see you there April 8,9 &10!

Vintage Thymes Monthly Market  500 Providence Hwy, Rt.1, Norwood, MA

Here are some examples of things you may find there:


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