Friday, June 3, 2016

Hard to Stay Focused....

It seems like weeks since I talked to you all! You have been on my mind but life gets really busy sometimes and sometimes the words and ideas are just not there. Don't get me wrong, there is plenty going on around here but to write about every thing in all their half finished states just makes me a little bonkers. Ah, forget about all that and lets take a trip!

It is June! Summer, summer, summer! Yup, it is my favorite time of the year and I have already spent some lovely days enjoying some unseasonably warm weather on Cape Cod. Toes in the sand makes me a happy girl. I'll show you more of that in another post.

However, that is not all that I have been up to. My favorite vintage market, Vintage Thymes, is back up and running after finding a new home and I had to make it to their first two markets! May's market theme was The Potting Shed.

It's always a pleasure to see the ladies at Vintage Thymes, Fleurish Home and Gardens, and 23rd and Bird~!

They have another market coming up next weekend with a beach theme... You know I will there!

When we were on the Cape, Mister and I attended Buoys and Burlap Vintage Market. I'll save those goodies for another post! ....Suddenly I have lots to show and tell to you!

The home of Buoys and Burlap
When we returned home the garden was in full bloom and desperately needing some weeding. I love when everything starts coming in! Here is a peek. Things are always changing and don't last long enough to enjoy them enough...

My mom's favorite flower.

A peony waiting for just the right time to open!....I can't stand it! 

It is so very hard to stay focused on the projects that are indoors when all this is waiting for me outdoors and you know the beach is calling me.....

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