Thursday, August 4, 2016

Old Girl, New Gig?

I am so excited, ya'll! (No, not from the south but love that word sometimes!)

At the end of our school year a friend and home-school mom asked me for some help with her kid's bathroom. She would do it, she said, but she is a little busy with her three teens, a pre-schooler and a baby they are doing foster care for. Think about it, she said. One of her teenage daughters, who I will call Sweet B, would be helping me and they would PAY ME, of course. They wanted me to tell them what I thought was fair. ??? I have no idea! I have helped friends over the years with different projects but had never considered it something I would charge for. Yes.... little happy dances started happening in every single appendage. I was flattered that she would ask me and I am thrilled at the thought of working in someone else's home. 

More information was coming in. This was not going to be a difficult project.  I need to tell my husband! Honestly, that was my first coherent thought that I can recollect. Oh, "You can use this to write about for your blog", she said! "Siri, call my husband!" 

They want to replace the pink-esque corian counter top, sinks, fixtures, ect. They had a picture they had seen on Hometalk they liked-more on that next time. A new paint color would be chosen and I was to facilitate all of it. That was a little more than I had done for friends before. I would have to channel my inner Joanna Gaines, Sarah Richardson or Candice Olson. I had seen this done a million times on HGTV. I can do this, can't I? I did source everything and help install our new kitchen and bathroom/laundry room. "Lord, give me what I need to do this in a way that honors you and blesses my friend."

That builder mirror is not going to look like that for long! 

I set up a date to come look at the bathroom, take some pictures, measurements and ask questions. I was handed a paper with a budget amount. I did what I came to do, left and "Siri, call my husband!". Then, I told my dad. He said he was calling HGTV to get us a show. Always joking, that one. 

With our conversation in mind I scoured the internet, Home Depot, Lowes and multiple paint stores. My friend's style is more contemporary than mine so I really had to focus on their needs and likes. I started a Pinterest board for the project and invited my friend as a co-contributor. A week after our first visit I went back with a detailed expense list including estimates. They loved everything. But here is where it got a bit iffy. Their budget and my detailed list were not the same. My first job was over budget! I needed to be honest, though and for what they wanted it was going to cost more than they had allotted. We picked a paint color and off I went. 

After speaking with her husband, my friend said they wanted to proceed even though it was over budget. 

I sent a follow up email that contained links to the lights, sinks, fixtures, ect. My friend ordered everything from my email and had it shipped directly to her home. She has Amazon Prime so no shipping charges and no running around to stores and I could not beat the prices in a brick-n-mortar.

I'm not showing you everything, yet.

In the meantime I needed to nail down a more definite idea for the counter top. I got estimates on a few different pieces of granite and quartz and went back to my friend and Sweet B for a final go-ahead. The lady at the marble and granite store gave me a discount due to the fact that I had ordered from her before (when we did our kitchen island) and the fact that this was my first "job". She wants repeat business! As she filled in the order information she asked me for the address of my client. CLIENT!? Oh, of course, client.... happy dancing, again! I have a client! 

So, all that happened. Sweet B and I started cleaning the trim (which does not need to be painted!) and removed hardware and light fixtures. That was a new one to me as Mister usually handles all that. We got the walls cut in with paint. I went back and finished fixing holes that were left when I removed fixtures and I rolled out the walls. The counter top was installed Monday but the back splash will come later. 

This a wordy blog post, friends. I am so excited to be sharing it with you! Who'dah thunk it? 

So, this is what I have learned so far from this project: a) don't under estimate yourself or God, b) present the facts and don't be afraid, c) this old girl (52) is not too old to start something new and d) watching and re-watching Fixer Upper has NOT been a complete waste of my time.

Go forth! Oh, but stop back soon to see how it turns out. I can't wait to see either!

*This is NOT a sponsored post.

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  2. Oh that is so exciting! I have ideas in my head of a new adventure for myself but haven't had the guts or funds to implement it. I do hope yours goes well and I can't wait to see how it turns out!
    :) gwingal