Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Dunn Collecting

Hello, lovelies!
Today, I wanted to share with you a recent find (for me). You're probably way ahead of me on this.

If you visit often you know I am a Fixer Upper fan groupie. For a couple years I have coveted the simple, white mugs with black words on them that Joanna uses in the kitchens they remodel but had no idea who made them or where to find them. It never occurred to me to Google them. (I think my generation often forgets that just about anything and everything can be found that way.)

A few months ago a young woman in our church mentioned that she liked Rae Dunn ware.  I was not sure of what she was talking about but tucked that name away for a search when I got home. They had just moved into a new home, had another baby and I wanted to find something I knew she would like. Imagine my surprise when I did an online search and found the mugs I'd spied on Fixer Upper! If you've heard of Fixer Upper (and who hasn't...they're  were on People magazine last month), you know anything they touch turns to gold! Still, I was surprised by the prices I was seeing in my online searches. All the usual purchase places had the mugs but the prices were way out of my comfort zone;  online sellers are asking between $15 and $30! Crazy!

I did some research and realized that people selling online were called "up-sellers". They go to the store, buy all they can get their hands on, then resell them at inflated prices. Ugh. "Well, that's not going to happen", I thought. Then I read that these little treasures were sold in Home Goods, Marshalls and T J Maxx! That started a most unfruitful search. I walked out of every store empty handed and discouraged.  Then, a little ray of sunshine lighted onto my Facebook feed-not sure how or why... A local yard sale site popped up for people who liked the pottery but didn't want to pay crazy prices.

I just wanted a few pieces as gifts....

And that's how it began.

Turns out there is a huge following, nationwide, of people who collect and trade this stuff. It is more than mugs. There are bowls, plates, spoon rests, canisters, pet dishes, serving pieces.... you get the idea. Collectors call themselves Dunnies. If they see items in the store they will pick them up then offer them to the group at cost if it is not something they want to keep. If you're looking for something in particular just post it and you'll have lots of help finding it!

Now, I am old enough to know to not spend too much money or time on all of this. Cabbage Patch Kids, remember them?  I was the mom who bought every Holiday Barbie because "they were going to be worth something some day". I bought too many Dreamsicle figurines in the 90's. I bought "collectible" Beanie Babies for my child. They are all in my attic! Nobody wants them and my kids have long forgotten about them. So, with an understanding that my taste will change or that I will spend too much time arranging my cups into sentences I tread lightly into the Dunn-o-sphere. 
                            Image result for dreamsicles figurines                

My little collection makes me smile. I share my finds with others because I like to see them smile. The online group has allowed me to meet other people who live close to me. There are some pretty enthusiastic women there that spend their free time looking for ways to help others with their collections. They trade pieces, sell pieces, meet at different locations for coffee and exchange, ect. I have not paid above retail for any of the pieces I have gotten and in a world of opportunists it is nice to meet others who just want to help people make their homes happy places.

Decorating around the pottery has driven me a little bonkers.

To be honest I have been in a decorating slump lately. These last several photos were taken with my phone, hence the grainy quality. We do have some big stuff going on outside and I will share that soon. Inside, I have struggled getting my living room back in order since tearing the walls down.... And then there is summer and the beach that casts it's spell on me.

Now when I walk into my kitchen it talks to me! I am reminded by the first mug I bought for myself of my condition/status, whether there is one mug, 30 mugs, or no mugs at all. I am blessed; blessed to have a cup or anything to put in it, blessed with old friends and new friends, and blessed to be able to bless them. Mostly, I am reminded of my status before God because of Christ...blessed. 


  1. Great post ! And YES ,GOD FIRST !

    1. Thank you, Cindy. So glad you could visit with me.

  2. You made this into a wonderfully entertaining post. Now. I've got to get ready for church!
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  3. P.S. Following you now. You inspire me.

    1. What a sweet compliment! That is my aim- whether your inspired to craft something or inspired to walk closer to God. I am glad to know that you have found some encouragement here.