Tuesday, November 20, 2018

With Visions Of Sugar Plums

I have always admired the beautiful pictures of bedrooms decorated for Christmas. Pretty lights give a warm glow with blankets and pillows that beckon you to crawl up in them with a warm cup of cocoa and a good book.... ahhh. Wouldn't that guarantee visions of sugar plums? Most years I am lucky to get my living room and kitchen done before Christmas! As a home decor blogger I am always half a track behind the rest of the pack. (That means I stink at it.) But, hope springs eternal and this year the Christmas bug got me a little earlier than usual so I started there.

It all started with a neighbor who was cleaning out her stash of goodies. I snagged a very heavy mirror that had the perfect amount of patina from her discarded stuff. Believe it or not Mister helped me rummage through her castaways (garbage) and we got a few goodies. It was only October but I knew this little mirror was going to be making it inside my home. At the time I stored it away in my work space above the garage.

Fast forward to now. I hung it above the bed and placed a wreath on it.

A repurposed pair of shutters landed behind the bedside tables.

A small tree purchased from a thrift store was a perfect addition. It is slim and tall enough to fill the corner. This is a small room so proportion is everything.

And because I am playing with my editing...

My favorite flannel sheets are on the bed. Seriously, these are the best I have found. The pockets are deep and the flannel does not pill. These are three years old! I love crawling into them at the end of the day.

I've been putting the lights on in the evening so that when I walk into the room at night that warm glow welcomes me. For these photos I had to go grab the cocoa, though.  And, a book. I love this one from Ruth Chou Simons. I just love her artwork.

And I lit one of my favorite soy candles. They don't bother my asthma.

When it's time for bed I take a few minutes to just lay still, looking at the lights and I let my mind remember what it was like to be a child full of anticipation the night before Christmas.

And then, the Lord graciously turns my thoughts to Him. How much more should I be looking with hope and wonder at the day when I get to stand in His presence, filled with all the gifts promised in His word! After all, that is why there is a Christmas. The birth of God the Son in the form of a baby;, the Christ of Christmas, who offers God's best gifts to those who will believe.

Praying this is where your thoughts are turned as you prepare for your Christmas celebrations.

This was put to music in 2010. I will try to upload it to Facebook if I can figure it out. Thanks for spending time with me and happy celebrating!

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  1. What a beautiful haven you have made for yourselves, warm and relaxing.

  2. I love your room. It looks so cozy and warm. Thank you for sharing at Dishing it and Digging it link party last week. You are one of this weekend's features. Have a great weekend.

    1. I completely missed this! Thank you and thank you for the party!