Saturday, February 22, 2014

Big doin's

Well, I guess I did start this blog at the right time! Today we ordered our cabinets, counter and kitchen sink. We had gotten a couple bids from custom cabinet makers but when all was said and done we ended up at Home Depot ordering from one of their lines. I will post pictures of the kitchen, before and after, as I go along. Today there was just too much to take in and way too much going the wallet department!

Ten and half years ago we bought a home that is o-l-d. The paperwork officially says that it was built in 1890. I don't know how accurate that is based on some of the things we have run into over the years but who can say? Sometime around the turn of the century (20th century) an addition was put on that is now half of our current kitchen. There is a small crawl space with a dirt floor-creepy! Not a place that I would ever go into. My girls have fancied that based on the access to the crawl space it may have been used in the Underground Railroad to hide people. Our town has a history of some of that activity and if that were true it would predate the official dates given for our house. We have nothing to confirm ANY of that but it does spark the imagination. Anyway, the addition was supported underneath by some logs that over the past one hundred+ years have gotten wet, dried out and shrunk (is that a word?). Presently, they don't hold up much and that is where our renovation began. The floor directly under our refrigerator is giving way and the slant toward the back of the house seems to be getting worse. It has always had a slant and we romantically called it "character". Lately, we have been calling it scary.

We considered selling and moving on. That was another experience all together. After several weeks/months of weighing our options we decided to stay put. This is where God has put us for now and He has not opened doors elsewhere or given us any peace about moving on. Honestly, we love our old house (most of the time). How we got here to begin with is a story written by God and too long to go into now. So, we are staying but the kitchen floor isn't and since we are doing that we might as well do all the things we could not afford to do when we first bought the house. When we bought it we had many dreams but reality set in and some things got pushed aside or skimped on just to make them functional. We are blessed to able to see some of those dreams fulfilled. This is going to be a lot of work for a woman who will be 50 this year! I hope that I am up for it. I hope you will join me as we move forward.

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