Thursday, May 8, 2014

Catching Up

I know that I took some side trips with posts lately but in the middle of it all we have still been busy in the kitchen and bathroom. We got drywall put up and I just have to sing the praises of light weight sheet rock. We have put up a lot of sheet rock over the years and it is heavy, especially when you are rockin' the ceiling!
Love this stuff! Especially when moving 25 sheets!
We finished the drywall and suddenly what had been looking like a cavernous space now appeared small and closed in.
It is looking like my kitchen again, sort of.

This will be the bathroom and laundry room.

Taken from the opening to the bathroom.

We were done in the knick of time as the cabinets could not/would not wait any longer. They were delivered last Tuesday. We weren't ready for them but we made do.

Mr. is counting boxes against the bill to make sure they all

Yup, all 33 boxes.

Some ended up on the front porch and some on the back porch.

There is not much you can do to decorate around these!
Our work needed to continue. In order for Mr. to be able to apply the joint compound we needed to move the boxes out of the kitchen. So, we now have boxes in the make-shift kitchen in the front room, along with a toilet and a sink.
Large white box under the lamp shade is the toilet.

Rain was coming and that meant that the boxes could not stay on the porch. They ended up in the living room. It isn't so bad, except the dust- the dust that came with the sanding. I seem to dust and dust and yet it still it keeps settling down. But progress continues.

All the trim work and baseboards are on sawhorses in the basement and the two corner cabinets are sitting on the floor in the middle of the kitchen. The bathroom is housing 13 boxes of hardwood flooring. On a bright note- there is a lot less floor space to clean right now!

Colors were chosen and painting has begun!

The ceiling in the kitchen was painted Silver Dusk by Valspar.
This was not my first choice. When you put two colors together on adjoining walls it is important to not react until you see the crown molding separating the colors. It makes a difference-really!
None-the-less, there was a belief that the ceiling had too much of a green undertone to it so I picked another color.
The walls were painted Polished Silver by Valspar.
The middle color.

The pictures do not do justice to the colors. Check out the links.
In the bathroom we used Sea Sprite by Olympic.
Tomorrow we will begin laying the floor! I am getting so excited for the end results. Here is a sneak peak of the flooring and cabinetry together.
Time is ticking and there is still much to do but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel..... and the tunnel is painted! We laid hardwood flooring in our last house but it was put over a cement foundation. It was a click-and-lock product and floated (no nails or glue). Flooring for this project is traditional hardwood. We have not done this before. I am hoping that the learning curve is a short lesson. A friend let us use his pneumatic nailer to help with the process. It is going to be an exciting weekend! I will keep you posted. (Pun intended.)

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