Saturday, May 3, 2014

Finally, Spring!

I thought I would get to this post earlier than now but many things have conspired against me. To be honest I was not ready to exult in the coming of Spring when the seemingly relentless rain was making me still shudder under my flannel sheets at night. Usually I have taken them off the bed by now and packed them away until the Autumn beckons them out again in late October or early November. Just when I thought we were finally there we received a parting shot from winter.

Poor daffodils!
Our undeniably long winter has finally taken it's leave and we are left to rejoice at all the flowers poking their heads up from the ground to declare once again, God is faithful to his promises. Everything has a season.

Maple trees coming to life!
  I was not the only one getting happy about Spring's arrival. In the middle of our renovation there is construction stuff everywhere. We have left ladders and such out on the back porch. One morning we walked out to find that a robin had decided to start making her nest on our small step ladder.

They could use this in an ad...something about
"everybody feels safe on a Husky"!
 Easter Sunday was beautiful. The sun was out and so was the forsythia.

And the tulips were no longer bothered by the snow.

Looking across the back yard.

Took these at the piano teacher's house.
I love springtime! I love seeing everything come to life that was cold and dead. It reminds me of what Jesus has done for me. I am loving the season and am being able to enjoy it in the midst of our work on the kitchen. Happy Spring!

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