Thursday, October 2, 2014

Dining Room Completed-Check!

I started the dining room without really knowing how I wanted it to look in the end. I already shared the whole black and white story. That my Mr. was on board was a huge bonus because honestly, I had no other ideas floating around in my brain. I do like to do a little decorating for different seasons and wanted something that could handle the reds of Christmas, the pinks and purples of Spring, the oranges and rusts of Autumn and the whites, sand and sea glass colors of Summer. I think the black and white with the accent color fit it just right. So, here we go.....

The picture of my house in approximately 1900. My grandmother's
silver now has a designated home.

Finding a place for all the bbq cookbooks is always an issue!
Note: the books between the cow are Mr.FixIt's!

I found the curtains at Wayfair. It was the first time I've ever ordered from them. I like the quality of the curtains. The table and chairs were Craigslist finds. I refinished the table.
The rug is an indoor/outdoor rug. I like them for places where people are going to be eating because you can hose them down. Although the floors look really good in the picture, trust me they are not and refinishing them is not in the budget right now. Purchasing a rug that was 80% discounted at RugsUSA was the way to go for now.

 The stencil was ordered from Royal Design Studios. Mr. painted the walls and ceiling white for me. I usually like the ceiling to have a little color but in this case white is the only way to go.

The chairs still need to be repainted and recovered but that will have to wait a while.

 It took three days to work on the stencil. I did not work on it all day, every day. Truthfully I worked an hour or two at a time. The big time consumer/headache was all the little places that the need just a portion of the stencil. Some of it I just took a paint brush and freehanded it. Don't look too close if you stop by, there are little things here and there. I think I will keep the white and black paint handy for a while as I sit and notice a spot here, a not quite filled in line there..... At some point I will comes to terms with the imperfections and remind myself how much money I saved doing this instead of the wallpaper.

I found this mirror on a local Facebook yard sale site. I was so happy when Mr. like it too!  

Paper mache acorns!

Concrete acorns found at Vintage Thymes . The candle holders were made by my girls in our art class six or seven years ago. I love them.

Those cabinet doors need to be replaced at some point. A friend suggested using antiqued mirror. Smart lady!

Did I mention I just love this mirror? It was an antiqued gold and covered in dust and yuck. I cleaned it a bit then pulled out the silver Rub 'n Buff and wah-lah!  

I like the burlap on this pretty little wreath found at the Wrentham Country Store!

I had to sneak some beach and summer in here somehow!

And with that the dining room is done. Of course, I am already thinking of a few other things. A skirt for the bottom of the bookshelf would be nice and I am thinking the buffet needs to be painted or re-stained or something.  All that can wait.
For now I am just going to enjoy the room.

Autumn is in full swing. Country fairs and pumpkin picking are filling my thoughts. Mr. and I went for a walk tonight and I was smelling the mustiness of wet leaves on the ground. I love that smell and found myself wishing someone's fireplace was going so that the smells would mix..... one of my favorites!

Soon my thoughts will turn to Christmas and all the preparations. I have a beautiful new kitchen to prepare meals, cookies and pastry in and now a lovely dining room
 to serve my family and friends!
I can't wait!


  1. Very pretty! I love the green curtains with the black and white walls.

    Stephanie @

  2. I love the drapes!! Makes the room.

  3. Ahhh, I just went shell picking on the beach.....i love me some jingle shells and cockle shells lol....they are really a shell. I love the beach theme. Yours are very pretty. Your blog is great.

    1. Thanks, Sharon. I could use a nice walk on the beach right now! We just got another foot of snow and temps are feeling like -30 with the wind chill! Maybe I will go look at my shells and dream of summer.....