Thursday, May 31, 2018

Garage Progress

If you read last week's post you know that we decided to have a garage built. The New England winters have proved too much for this lady.

We cannot do this on our own so we hired a builder. We met with him in May, contracting not only for a garage but for a shed, also. Our main concern was getting put on his schedule and being in the garage before the first snowfall. It is May so that gives them plenty of time.

A new shed was built and the old rotting shed was removed. That wasn't until August.

The ground was prepared and a foundation was poured. This took way longer than I thought it was going to. The Lord is obviously still trying to teach me patience.

Because of the large trees that flanked the driveway there was a lot of the root system in the ground where the garage will go. That soil is not good for foundation building as the material will rot and breakdown over time. It had to be removed and better soil brought in. Yup, we had to buy dirt. 

And we wait. That soil now has to settle, rest and pack down. We had to water our dirt to help it pack down. I am so impatient! 

Finally it is concrete day. It is September 21st. School is back in session! I am not sure what I thought was going to be the timeline for this but I am pretty sure this was not what I was thinking in May. 

Now we wait some more. This concrete has to cure. 

3 Weeks later the framers showed up. No warning, no 6:30 in the morning! 

These guys worked sun up to sun down. Three days later the framing was complete! Now we're getting somewhere. 

The original plans did not take into account some changes that we had to make. Because of the available land we had to build on we had to change the size and we lowered the height so that the garage would not be taller than the house. Nobody explained that to the framers... oops. That took some time to fix to accommodate a wall of windows upstairs. 

Once that was done we had to wait for inspection. That took almost 2 weeks or waiting! 

Once the framing was done we had to wait for the electrician. He's a busy guy. In our area this is a dying breed- we need tradesmen. And, we wait for inspection . Next up is siding. 

The siding went on so quickly that apparently I didn't get any photos of that. We chose a white vinyl siding. 

December 5th we moved our vehicles into the garage and waited for final inspections. 

It was literally just in time. The first snow of the season came December 9th. 

When you are having others do the work you are on their time table. We did say we wanted to be in before the first snowfall and they did accommodate. Next time I will be more careful with my words! 

Now, I have a huge space upstairs that will be my space for crafting..... the plans were already in brain but we will be doing the work ourselves. Oh, boy! 

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