Tuesday, June 12, 2018

We Passed Inspection

If you've been following along you know that we built a garage and signed the contract with the builder last May. (Whew! That year went quick!) Half jokingly we said we wanted it done before the next snowfall. Who knew they would take us literally? We parked our cars in the garage December 5th, 2017. Just because we were parked in there didn't mean that we had passed inspection but it didn't stop us.  And, it snowed four days later!

The finished garage is 24'x24'. We lowered the height of the head room from 12' to 10' to make the structure not look like a huge monolith next to our house. While it is not as big as it originally was on paper, it still fits both cars, a snowblower, a small workbench, and storage under the stairs.

The upstairs space will be a place for me to work on my crafts and store said craft material instead of having it spread all over my house. This is a dream my husband and I share. To have a place to set up my sewing machine without having to take it down from the dining table every night is a fantasy I have had for a long time... Back when my girls were little I used to sew a lot for them. Nowadays, I can't be bothered most of time because of the hassle of having to get everything out and put away again.

Mister got busy lickty-split and insulated the walls. He's a go-getter and if you hear nothing else from me on this blog hear this... do not marry a man who is not a hard worker.

Time for sheetrock. The girls and I held the sheetrock in place while Mister fastened them to the studs.

No pictures of that because I was holding sheet rock.....

My 1st idea was to put pallet wood on the walls inside the dormers. A friend had several pallets and kindly brought them to us in his pickup. Mister quickly axed that idea. There are just too many cuts and angles to accommodate. Okay then, I will use them to make either wall on the sides of the garage pallet walls. Too much, said Mister. Okay, just one wall then? Agreed.

I checked all the pallets to make sure they were wood I could use. (Important step if you're using this wood in your living spaces. You can find instructions online or in Pinterest.) Mister got busy ripping them apart... What? Oh, no, I wasn't going to do that. Well, after the unsuccessful dismantling of one pallet Mister said, "Not happening". I know how to choose my battles and this is not a hill I want to die on.

Ok, next idea... blackboard paint on either side wall. I'll think on that one a bit.

Mister taped and mudded all the seams and allowed them to dry.

He had to do a couple coats of joint compound and once dry, he sanded it all while I spent a "girl's weekend" on the Cape. Yes, I am one blessed woman.  It took him 6 hours to sand everything! Hard worker, girls!

Everything got a coat of white paint and he painted the subfloor with gray porch and floor paint. No, no fancy flooring for me. Remember this is going to be a work space and storage.

Once the white was on everything I couldn't believe how bright it was in there. For now I have decided to not do the blackboard paint but I reserve the right to change my mind.

Mister had an idea. I ordered some hardware from Amazon and Mister and I made another trip to the Home Depot. Why? Well, you'll have to come back soon to find out.

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  1. Jolena this is awesome. We have a room above our garage and use it for storage. It has been so long since I have done crafts I don't even think about doing anything any more. lol

    1. There is no time like now to start something new!