Friday, June 15, 2018

Shut The Barn Door!

So our trip to Home Depot birthed the idea for a barn door at the bottom of the stairs! There is no heat or air conditioning so I will have to rely on a space heater in the colder months and to keep the heat in Mister says I need a door. Umm... okay! Isn't he the greatest! Some girls want diamonds but I am perfectly content with a barn door, insisted on my my man. And, he will make it to our specifications so I can still get furniture up and down the stairs.

I ordered the hardware through Amazon. Link here.

Mister bought... wait for it.....


He had to frame in the doorway a bit so we had somewhere to mount the hardware. He also drywalled and later painted the stairwell.

He layed 7 8ft lengths of shiplap together on the floor and fastened them together. We want the big door so we can get furniture in and out. He used 1x2" strapping to frame the door out, locking the shiplap in place and cut a cross piece, gluing and using a brad-nailer to secure.

The door is huge! It glides beautifully and it is a nice addition to the whole project... after all, who doesn't love a barn door?!

Next step is moving into my new space!!! 

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  1. Dear Jolena,
    Superb! I can hardly wait to see how beautiful the interior looks!
    It's great to do things with your husband!
    I love you warmly, Mia

    1. Awe, that was so sweet! Thank you, Mia and thanks for visiting with me.

  2. Awesome Jolena you are right who doesn't love a barn door. Can't wait to see your finished space.

    1. Hi Victoria, for some reason all my messages were delayed but I am seeing them now. THanks for checking in on me.