Tuesday, April 1, 2014

On the Light-er Side

This is really part two of my last post, Retail Therapy. I never really got to the shopping part that I was doing that day as I got side tracked showing you the cabinets. I meant to show you the lighting that I was contemplating for the kitchen and bathroom. I can get distracted easily. It doesn't matter what it is really but usually shiny things, chippy things, shabby things, things that just need a little TLC, pretty things...... well, you get the idea. Where was I? Oh, yeah...

So, this is my little drawing of the back wall of the bathroom, to scale based on my measurements and limited artistic abilities:
It looks better in person. The glare from the wall and off the
grid paper is not playing in my favor.
There will be a pot light over the washer and dryer. They are represented by the rectangle to the left.

I thought I wanted a sconce on either side like Miss Mustard Seed's but my mirror is wider than hers. (Our dresser came with a mirror but instead of leaving it on the dresser we will mount it to the wall on blocks that will allow it so swivel a bit depending on the height of the one standing in front of it.) The wall space will not allow sconces like hers as the right side of the sink will sit just two inches or so from the adjoining wall. I tried to draw a set of sconces above but that looked funky. Then I thought a chandelier hanging over the sink would be nice; not a big, opulent one but one with a little sparkle and a little dangliness. (Spell check says that isn't a word....I beg to differ.) So we need a light that will not get in the way. These are some of the things I was looking at.

Home Depot, Hampton Bay Inverleigh

Canarm Lainey 4-Light Chrome Crystal Accent Chandelier
Canarm-:Lainey 4 Light Chandelier

Then I found this beauty at Lowes.com and loved that it was a flush mount as the ceilings aren't terribly high but they do not sell this item in any of the stores near us and the only ones I found on line that were similar were not flush mount.

I thought some more and decided to go in yet another direction. Back to a wall mounted item but more centered over the top of the mirror is how it should go....maybe. I found these:

Home Depot, Hampton Bay Watertown Collection
I decided the problem with this one is the cloth shades in a bathroom just don't seem all that practical to me, at least not for our family. I read some reviews on fixtures that had cloth shades and it seems that replacement shades can be tricky to locate so that is a big red flag for me.

Home Depot, Illumine
Next I found this lovely fixture. I think the arch mimics the arch in the mirror and that it would work quite nicely. But, maybe it is too much light for the space.... so I kept looking. After several days of searching I found this fixture that is similar but has only two lights.... PERFECT!
Palms 2 Light Vanity by Canarm on Amazon
My bathroom lighting is ordered and on it's way here! I should have it here for next week when the electrician comes! I plan to mount it upside down so that I get the curve faced in the direction I want.

Now for kitchen lighting.......


  1. I live to read your blog!! Well maybe not live, but I do enjoy reading it. It make's me remember why I love you so much, it's that sense of humor. I sure miss you being in my day today life. I really like what you have done so far. I love the light's your putting in the bathroom.

  2. Thanks, lady. I miss you, too. I usually have to apologize for my 'sense of humor', glad it brings good thoughts to mind for you! That just means you are probably as warped as I am. :) Thanks for reading the blog!

  3. Canarm-:Lainey 4 Light Chandelier - i like that one, it looks like it won't hit your head. the other one it too dangley.