Monday, March 31, 2014

Retail Therapy

Now that all the demolition has been done and the areas that caused this whole ball to start rolling have been addressed we are ready to start building back in. How crazy am I to be excited about buying wood and drywall?! Truthfully, my mind is way past smooth walls and a semi-level floor.

This week we will put in the collar ties in the attic space, insulate and drop in a sub-floor and install the wall that will separate our bathroom from our kitchen. All this is in preparation for our plumber and electrician to come in next week! Yikes! That means I need to know what I want and where it will be going.

One thing is settled and that is the cabinetry. We had considered going with custom made cabinetry as this is an old house and NOTHING is square or truly level. The quotes we got turned out to be thousands more than we wanted to pay and in light of everything else that needed to be done we were happy with the choice we made. We ordered them from Home Depot about 5 weeks ago. I am expecting a call from them any day saying that they are ready and I have no idea where we will put them as we are no where near ready for installation! This is what we chose.   
Ellington Cherry Onyx We purchased Inner Most Cabinetry.We opted for a painted finish in White Icing Classic. The door style is called Ellington. You can see their products here:

Home Depot has a great free service that you would be silly to not take advantage of if you are going to remodel your kitchen or bath. A designer will sit down with you and go through options, build your space with cabinetry, add your appliances and give you a computerized rendition of the whole thing! For a small fee someone will come to your home and measure the space to make sure the right sizes are ordered. That fee can be taken off the purchase amount if you decide to order through Home Depot. Here is what our new kitchen will look like when we are done.

An aerial view.

Entering the kitchen from the front of the house. The door
next to the fridge is the bathroom.
Have I mentioned my new DISHWASHER, yet?
I want a pendant light over the sink (under the window,next to the dishwasher-
 not sure why it doesn't show in this drawing).
The window is not right, either

Standing with your back against the fridge.
There will be pot lights over the corner workspace.
Cabinets to take up the loss of the pantry.
I still have much I want to show you! I need lighting for the bathroom and the pendant lighting over the sink. I need to figure out wall colors and cabinetry options for over the washer and dryer.

 I need to get moving on some of these things so that other people can plan accordingly but for now my kiddos and I need to get some history and government done so planning will have to wait. We are studying the acts of Parliament that led up to the American Revolution. I love history. We have learned to study history in order to learn from others that have gone before us. History reveals the hearts of humans beings and the character of God. It is always good to look back at where we have come from and how we got here; how we were carried through when everything looked like one big mess. I guess that is probably one of the reasons I decided to start this blog. Thanks for visiting with me. 

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