Wednesday, March 26, 2014

In the meantime.....

Since I began this blog and the kitchen renovation I keep getting asked what we are doing in the meantime regarding meal preparations.
Stove and microwave in the half of the kitchen that still has flooring.

Refrigerator and old radiator we removed.

 I thought I would let you have a peek at the chaos that is in my home. I really am trying to keep things as organized as possible but there is construction going on and truth be told, I am not the neatest person to begin with.

These are in the first room you enter when you walk into my home. My makeshift kitchen. Through the plastic curtain is what is left of the old kitchen.

I wasn't always this like this. I love it when things are cleaned, put away and looking like they are ready for pictures but keeping it that way is has become an elusive goal of mine. We live in our home. There is someone here all day-every day (or at least most of the day-every day). If you throw in the school books that I have accumulated over the past ten years of homeschooling plus all the stuff I just can't throw away "because I know I will get around to transforming it into something else sooner or later" .... well, tidiness becomes secondary.

Really, it wasn't always this way. I laugh when I think about the time shortly after my husband and I were married. He walked into our apartment one day and laid his keys and phone on an old chest of drawers that stood near the front door-the nerve! It had been painstakingly arranged with a crystal bowl, pictures and flowers. Keys and phone were ruining the beauty of it all. I, of course, let him know it. He replied that he was not aware that he moved into a museum. (There are times when his quick wit is not appreciated.) Those days are long gone! Now I think I would be content to have everything on the first floor dusted and swept on the same day and if the keys get somewhere I can find them easily-great.

So, that is what has become our temporary normal. Welcome to our the meantime.


  1. It will be beautiful, mom. Just a little longer, and all your hard labour will pay off.