Saturday, March 8, 2014

What do a church pew, an old door and horse hair have in common?

Answer: they have all been found within the walls of my kitchen/bathroom renovation.

The church pew

the old door

and the horse hair plaster did not get it's own picture.

Mr. FixIt ripped everything out! Old horse hair plaster and lath, blown in insulation, layers of wallpaper are gone. Our girls worked hard again today. They joked and laughed through much of the work. Their dad was quite proud of them.

We will begin on the floors during the week. That was the catalyst for all this work. The floor was sinking and we knew it needed to be addressed. It just took us a while to decide if we were going to do the work or sell the house and let someone else do the work. It turned into our own version of Love It or List It. We have decided to love it... or at least we will love it when it is done.

We had friends stop by today. He and his wife are very familiar with construction and the pitfalls. During their visit we found that our plans needed a little tweaking. Seems that the sill needs some attention. It appears that there was some bug infestation that compromised the sill. Our first spring in the house we found out we had termites and had the little buggers nuked. We replaced the stuff we could see and get to. Seems that perhaps we had more of a problem then we had realized. Good news is that they aren't there now-just the damage they left in their wake.

We are done for today. Time for some more ibuprofen and some quiet time preparing for tomorrow. I have much to be grateful for; a husband who works hard to make me happy, friends who stop by to lend help and encouragement, children that worked like crazy. And ibuprofen. These are just some of the things that I am thankful for today. God is so good to me.

My crew!

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