Friday, March 7, 2014

Out With the Old

This week has been a week of packing up my kitchen. I was laughing at myself remembering our meeting with the very helpful woman named Caryn at Home Depot who helped us order our kitchen cabinets. She had sent a contractor out to take the measurements of our kitchen. He took pictures and sent them to her with the proper measurements. (This is an awesome tool and is a minimal price that was credited back to us when we ordered the cabinets.) I saw the photos sitting on her desk and thought "wow, that is a nice kitchen" before realizing it was my kitchen. Yes, it looked nice but the pictures didn't tell the whole story.

Eleven years ago my mister made the top shelving out of MDF. I can draw pictures and he is really good at making my crazy dreams a reality.

The floor was a laminate. There was no dishwasher. We bought a middle-of-the road brand of cabinets for the bottom. The lower cabinets were originally a pickled green color that wore terribly so I (read Mr. FixIt) painted them white. The kitchen and pantry had little/no insulation and the only heat was the steam radiator you see under the chalkboard. There was no dishwasher. The cabinets in the pantry were pieced together but the fronts and doors were solid and had seen better days.

(Seems this is the only picture I have that shows the pantry, to the far right)

The wiring was a scary thing. Have I mentioned there was no dishwasher?

Well, today it is a different story. We got up early and worked through the day. My girls were troopers. They kept up with their dad and seemed to enjoy the demo process. We got the bathroom, pantry and half the kitchen ripped out. We are SORE and tired but excited about what will be the end product even though it is about two months off.

Now it is time for some ibuprofen and a good night sleep. Tomorrow we will take out the other half of the kitchen but I can't think much beyond my heated blanket right now. Tomorrow is another day....

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