Monday, July 22, 2019

Chalkboard Walls And Coffee Stations

Five years ago when Mister and I tore out our old kitchen and rebuilt it (you can see it here) I knew I wanted some open shelving. My taste can be a bit eclectic but I opted for a more traditional style. I hung them next to window over the sink. As time went on I began to realize that the placement was probably not my best decision but I did not want to have to patch holes or admit to Mister that I had made a mistake. He wouldn't really give me a hard time, I just don't like being wrong.


Meanwhile we made a trip to Texas to see friends and family. We visited with old friends from high school in Austin then drove north toward family. Mister treated me to stop in Waco! That's right, baby! I got to go to the Magnolia Silos and yes, I got me some cupcakes first!

I purchased a few things that could fit in my luggage, one of them being a coffee sign in the very popular font you see on those cups and dishes. When I got home I put it up in the kitchen but didn't like the way it looked....

That's when I got over my whole not-wanting-to-tell-Mister thing and pitched my idea to him. I wanted to chalkboard paint the wall next to the fridge where my little magnetic chalkboard hangs. (See how I made it here) I still want two shelves but I wanted to do floating shelves in wood tone to match the exposed post next to the sink. We purchased the wood and paid way too much for it because I wanted it weathered and sort of rough. Homeward we went...

While Mister unloaded the wood I got my chalkboard paint out and got ready to paint; I had just started to tape stuff off... "Whoa", said Mister. He has no confidence in my painting abilities so he took over...(all part of the master plan). The wall took three coats.

The wood for the shelves ended up costing crazy money for two little shelves and I started second guessing myself so we took the wood back and I reused the white ones without the brackets.

In an attempt to make the coffee sign stand out a bit I chalked up the wall behind it but the family has vetoed that idea. As you can see by the decorations this was springtime! I'm way behind! 

Since my coffee sign doesn't show up well I may end up painting it at some point. I purchased the rod (here) with attached hooks (here) from IKEA. The hooks aren't quite big enough for the Rae Dunn cups but for now I am quite happy with how this little project turned out.

So what do you think? Are you over the chalkboard craze or are you still loving yours or wanting to do one of your own?
                          Come back soon to see what else I can find to do while i linger,

*I have no affiliation with any of the companies listed in this article. My opinions are my own and I purchased my pieces.

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