Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Chalkboard DIY

Okay, so a new kitchen means there are some changes other than countertops and cabinets. One of the things about our old kitchen that drove the Mr. crazy was the refrigerator. It was my place to post anything that I was actively trying not to lose; an old Red Sox ticket stub, an invitation to a baby shower, the recycling schedule, the picture a friend's child colored for me... You get the idea. The fridge is now completely surrounded by cabinetry and that leaves only the face of the fridge for a magnetic surface.

Pay no attention to me or the cannoli from Mike's Pastry.
Notice the clutter on the side of my fridge!?
(Seriously, eyes off my cannoli!)
The other change was that I have very limited wall space left in the remodel. There are upper cabinets now where before it was just two adjoining walls with a table and chairs pressed into the corner. I had made a chalkboard from an old frame found at one of my local haunts. A piece of luan served as the board and with some handy-dandy chalkboard paint ta-da, I had a chalkboard. I loved it. It hung over the radiator in the kitchen and served as a changing piece of art depending on the season or my whim.

The old chalkboard from 2012.
So, two issues and I needed a solution. I missed my chalkboard and the fridge was off limits. I am sure you are already ahead of me here....A magnetic chalkboard is what I needed! I had found a frame a few months ago and now I was going to use it!

A few months ago I found a lovely picture frame and had thought it would be beautiful in the kitchen but had no specific plans. As time went on I considered using it in the bathroom; making a box with a shelf and surrounding the whole thing with the decorative frame. That idea is still floating in my head but using something different than a picture frame.

Here is what I did. I did not have to do anything to the frame. It was perfect just the way I found it. I purchased a piece of sheet metal from Home Depot. I brought it home and realized that my magnets would not stick to it! I took it back and called around. I found thicker, magnetic sheet metal for about $25 for a three foot by three foot piece. My frame was not that big so I measured out what I needed (measuring the inside of the frame and allowing for a little wiggle room) and used tin snips to cut it. BE CAREFUL! This stuff is sharp and it will bite! I would suggest wearing work gloves. (I didn't but I am a mom and most function often with a "do as I say, not as I do" attitude.)

This is the thicker, magnetic stuff.

Sharp, sharp edges-Beware!

Next, I spread my painting sheet in the back yard and used something to elevate the metal off the cloth. Once it was steady I sprayed the metal with chalkboard paint. (I probably should have primed it first but I am also a terribly impatient DIYer.) It took three coats to cover the metal well. Allow proper drying time between coats per the directions on your product.

Coat #1

Coat #3

When the paint was dry I used spray adhesive to attach the metal to a piece of foam core board cut the same size. This was to give the metal a little more stability once it goes into the frame.

I allowed the paint to cure for 24 hours then rubbed the entire surface with the side of a chalk stick. After that I wiped it down and was free to write what I wanted on the 'board'. I adhered the board to the frame using hot glue.

My handy-dandy hot glue gun!

Little dabs in the four corners secured it then I filled in the sides with more hot glue on the back . I cannot hang my piece yet as we still have not put the final coat of paint on the walls but I am quite pleased with the outcome. Now to just resist the urge to clutter it up!

This is where I realized that I didn't show it's magnetic abilities.
I will update with better pictures later.

I still don't use it for the magnectic possibilities.... No, you can't see my fridge. 

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